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10 Areas In Your Home Making You Sick!


1. Clean your sheets regularly


Your bed linens deserve your attention as much as any other weekly cleaning task. Consider this, you spend around 8 hours each day wrapped in your sheets, so they should be cleaned as often as your clothes. Your skin sheds and renews itself every 30 days, and as gross as it sounds, those dead skin cells need to shed somewhere. Well guess what? They spend 8 hours every night shedding in your bed. That’s where dust mites come in. Dust mites feed off of these skin cells and while the mites themselves are harmless their droppings and body parts can cause allergies and harbor cold viruses and other germs. To avoid this wash your sheets, pillowcases, blankets and duvet covers in hot water at least weekly. Also allow your bedroom plenty of air and keep a window open if possible.

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