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10 Foods You Should Never Eat Past their Expiry Date

2. Deli Meat


We hear so many news stories about E. coli and Listeria bacteria in processed deli meats. These bacteria are prevalent in both prepackaged deli meats, and in the sliced variety you ask your butcher to prepare for you at your grocery store’s deli counter. As a general rule of thumb, deli meats are best consumed within three days of the date of purchase. Under no circumstances should you eat deli meats that are more than a week old.

Listeria bacteria is particularly dangerous, as the form of food poisoning it causes can be fatal in extreme cases. From a general standpoint, it’s probably best to steer clear of processed deli meats altogether, as they also tend to be very high in nitrates. Nitrates have been linked to a long list of health problems, including certain forms of cancer. If you do keep deli meat as part of your diet, choose fresher, natural, nitrate-free alternatives and eat it promptly.

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