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10 Signs of Osteoporosis



The younger generations have always been advised to drink their milk, eat healthily, and exercise to strengthen and maintain strong bones. Bones are living tissues – just like any other part of the body, they’re constantly being broken down and replaced with fresh, new bone tissue.

The last thing someone in their Golden Years wants is to have to deal with brittle bones that are at risk of breaking easily or fracturing, and that why Osteoporosis is so scary.

Osteoporosis occurs when the body has trouble growing new bone tissue to replace the old. This causes bones to become weak and brittle, and even very minor stress, such as coughing or bending over can cause these frail bones to break.

While both men and women are susceptible to Osteoporosis, Asian and Caucasian women post-menopause seem to be in a category of higher risk than others.

So what are the symptoms, and things to watch out for? Here’s a list of the ten signs and symptoms of Osteoporosis that you should know about.

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