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10 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You Shouldn’t Ignore

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder (A type of Dementia) that decreases the proper functioning of brain, effecting the motor neurons and bringing the problems like memory loss, disruptive thinking, inability to write and disruptive daily routine. The degree of effectiveness of its symptoms vary from person to person. But we must keep in mind the basic signs and symptoms of the onset of this disease.

Here we have listed 10 very common and obvious signs of Alzheimer’s. If you feel that any of these signs happening in your daily routine, then do consult a doctor.

  1. Trouble in Understanding and Reading Visual Images


Most of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease have to combat through intense visual issues. This does not simply means that it is a time to change the glasses or contact the lenses. In this case people may have troubles in judging distances, determining a specified color, simple identification of any object, problems in describing difference between two colors and other issues related to weak eye sight. These patients are unable to keep a steady eye on any moving body. So be fully cautious about this symptom as it may pose some other difficulties in your routine lifestyles, such as driving, walking, and working.

  1. Hygienic Problems


Not taking care of your hygiene is another sign of Alzheimer’s disease. This issue is pointed out by people around the person in most of the cases. Some of the most observed hygienic issues include forgetting to clean yourself correctly or not cleaning in a proper manner after using toilet, which includes simple washing of hands too. The patients suffering from this disease may remain totally unconcern about the basic hygienic pattern of daily routine and do it only when people around them mention it. If this is the case, then you must properly listen to the people around you, study your routine behavior and immediately consult a fine doctor.

  1. Partial Memory Loss


This is one of the most obvious and quite common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. In most cases, it refers to totally skipping the recently learned events or information from mind. Other than that, it includes forgetting the events or important dates, asking for specific information more than once in a single sitting and more reliance on some memory aids such as sticky notes, paper chits or reminders on the electronic devices. In other cases, total memory loss has been observed. It includes trouble in identifying close family members, friends, dates, the things you were very much affectionate about, birthdates, anniversaries etc. You must be concerned if any of these cases is happening with you and should call your doctor for help.

  1. Having Problem in Writing


Difficulty in writing properly is one the most obvious symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and is one of the most overlooked one too. After learning to speak new words, writing them is one of the earlier learnt lesson. So if you are finding trouble in this area, then immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Confusion in Recognizing Places and Tracking Time


People suffering through Alzheimer’s often remain confused about their exact location, time of the year, weather and any activity they were engaged in most recently. This condition is often mistaken with general loss in the memory. But it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before things get worse.

  1. Having Problem in Conversation or Socializing


Along with the memory loss problem, people suffering through Alzheimer’s disease find it extremely hard to get into a conversation. Because in most of the cases, they suddenly halt during the conversation without any idea of what they were talking about or they may keep repeating themselves.

  1. Changes in Personality


Alzheimer’s patients tend to adapt changes in their personality more often. This is not recognized by the person himself, but the people living around sense these changes in early stages. These people become more self centered and find it extremely difficult to meet with new people. They tend to distain themselves from the people or things that bring joy to them. If anyone tell such things to you, then take notice and go to a doctor.

  1. Finding it Difficult to Solve Problems


With the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the person find it difficult to make and follow any given schedule or plan. Alzheimer’s disease sufferers become unable to solve any problem, and that makes them more anxious, stressed and depressed. Such sort of condition may become constant or it can be a thing which keeps coming and going. It includes difficulty in using those things which you were used to do often. For example solving simple math equations, use of remote control, driving a car and things like that. This type of situation is the basic indicator of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. So if you are experiencing anything like that, see some doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Change in Mood/ Mood Swings


Most of the people suffering through Alzheimer’s are not certain about their emotions. They become depressed, anxious, fearful, suspicious and lost at the same time. They can become angry, sad or relaxed, not knowing of their exact feeling most of the time. Such abrupt changes in the mood are a clear sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Withdrawal from Any Social Activity and Friends


A person with this disease keep getting away from his friends and stop doing his favorite hobbies. This condition includes loosing interest in favorite sports, not having fun in social activities, feeling bored and lethargic from any physical activity, and not socializing with friends.

These are some of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s disease. If you encounter any one of these, then do consult a doctor immediately. Having faith on people around you is extremely necessary. Be wise about your health and take immediate action on doctor’s advice. Stay Healthy and Enjoy a Happy Life.


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