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10 Warning Signs & Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

A balanced set of all the nutrients is extremely important to stay healthy, fit, and away from diseases. Deficiency in any single unit of this set can pose highly detrimental effects on our body. If you are not observing anything unusual now, it doesn’t mean that you stop taking care of yourself or halt having healthy meals. It is really important to be up to date about your health, physical appearance and specially about healthy diet.

Here, we have enlisted 10 signs of vitamin D deficiency. Go through these and check whether you need to get alert or not. We are sure that this list will help you to take a good care of yourself.

1. Having Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue is not normal. This is a common sign of suffering through myotonic muscular dystrophy or myasthenia. Both of these conditions are the signs of vitamin deficiency in your body. Consultation from a doctor and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is highly recommended in such condition.

2. Feeling Lazy all Day

If you are feeling lethargic and slow and not feeling enough energy to work actively, then you need to check your vitamin D level. This is the most common sign of vitamin D deficiency. You need to eat vitamin D rich food and to have a long sun bath.

3. Feeling Blue Most of the Times

It might seem strange, but it has been reported by several studies that those people who have vitamin D in trifle amount suffer from stress and anxiety more than those having an ample amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has also been reported linked with premenstrual syndrome, and other mood swings.

4. In Old Age (50 or more)

Old age comes with a baggage of problems if you hadn’t acquired a healthy lifestyle in youth. One of such hazard is that the kidneys become weak and do not function properly. Thus do not convert vitamin D into penetrable form, that is required by a human body. This happen because of less sun exposure, because in old age people tend to remain indoor rather than enjoying a sunny noon outdoors.

To counteract such conditions, make sure to take vitamin supplements in your daily diet. And increase the amount of vitamin rich food in daily meals.

5. Darker Skin Tone

It has been proved by a study that the more darker your skin color is the more amount of vitamin D will your body require. In other words, darker color people must spend more time under the sun than light skinned people. Because our skin act as natural sunscreen, so 25% more exposure to the sunlight is needed to fulfill appropriate amount of vitamin D in the body.

6. Head Sweating Problem

This sign clearly shows that your body does not have sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Excessive head sweating is more common in newborns than in adults. This is because of the neuromuscular irritability. Head sweating is considered one of the early sign of deficiency.

7. Muscular Pain

Many prominent vitamin D specialists consider muscular pain a most common cause of Vitamin D deficiency. As vitamin D (other than calcium) is the basic component of our bones. So for our skeleton to be in a great health, sufficient amount of vitamin D availability is extremely important.

8. Having Difficulties in Digestion/ Stomach Problems

It has been commonly observed that people suffering from vitamin D deficiencies are usually having digestion difficulties. If the condition is prolonged than it can cause problems such as stress, food poisoning and severe medical conditions. Chronic medical concerns due to deficiency of vitamin D include IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s disease, and colitis. This condition can become a cause of embarrassment for any person. So it is highly recommended to consult some doctor immediately. Proper sunlight exposure and addition of vitamin D rich food in our daily diet is extremely important for all of us to stay healthy and out of problems.

9. Severe Ache in Your Bones

Vitamin D is the basic component of bones. Severe and prolonged pain in the bones is another obvious symptom of vitamin D deficiency in the body.

10. Being a Taller Person

If you are a taller person, then you need more vitamin D than any shorter person. You can easily find out how much nutrients, on an average, you need. We all are different, thus require different set of nutrients to stay healthy and fit.

Vitamin D is also called as “Sunlight Vitamin”. Superbly named, because sunlight is solely responsible for the making of vitamin D in our body. In addition to that we can consume our vitamin D needs from vitamin rich foods such as milk, cheese and other dairy products. You can also find vitamin D in eggs, cod liver oil, and fish. We truly hope that you’ll keep these symptoms of vitamin deficiency in mind, and take a great care of yourself. Stay in Good Shape and Enjoy healthy lifestyle. Cheers!

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