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11 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs That Every Dog Owner Must Know

While having a dog pet is like having a faithful friend around, at the same time it accounts for great responsibility. Only a mere thought of your favorite pet falling ill is surely an unpleasant one, while in the worst case scenario of hearing that your dog is suffering from cancer, can certainly be a nightmare.

So it is extremely important to pay high attention to all the trifle signs that your pet is trying to convey. Following are top 11 warning signs that you must always look for to save the life of your dog.

Oral Care – Dental Symptoms for Oral Cancerdog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-4-custom

Oral care is one of the most important aspect for a good health of dog, which is also the most neglected part in the routine checkup. Because of prolonged ignorance many mouth problems can be developed, which will remain overlooked until they reach to the later advanced and fatal stages. Symptoms of the oral cancer in the dogs include change in the gums color, bleeding, sores, and appearance of smaller lumps.

If remain unnoticed the oral cancer in the later advanced stages can be extremely difficult to cure and the consequences of this disease can be very lethal. So it is highly recommended for any dog owner to get your dog’s mouth inspected by some experienced professional every month.

Nose bleeding- Warning sign for Cancer of the Nosedog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-5-custom

Being a dog owner, you must be aware of the fact that nosebleeds is certainly not a normal event for the dogs. This might be the sign of cancer occurrence in the nose. Or in normal situations, if your dog is young then the nosebleeds may be because of the presence of any foreign object in the nose. But you must pay attention to nosebleeds, if your dog has entered in the senior years of his life.

In case you are unable to locate the actual cause of the bleeding in nose, then you must immediately rush towards a professional animal care centre for the proper, detailed and thorough examination of your dog.

Uncontrollable Body Movements- Potential Symptoms of Brain Cancerdog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-8-custom

Pay a keen eye on any sort of uncontrollable or hasty involuntary movements of your dog. Such as sudden and fierce leg shaking, appearance of foaming on the mouth, and unnecessary chewing or chomping. All these signs can lead to the most unfortunate of all, the brain tumor. There is no age restrictions, but in the later years of life, the dogs became more prone to this unfortunate disease.

Immediate medical care in this condition. But not much good can be done other than diagnosis of the disease.

Quick Weight Gaindog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-10-custom

If there isn’t any increase in the daily diet off your dog, and still it is gaining weight then it is certainly not normal. A bony/ skinny structure is not the only criterion to predict the cancer development, rather bloated appearance, laziness, and rapid increase of weight pose equal danger for a good health of your dog. In such cases, full checkup of your dog from a highly trained professional is advisable.

Hard Spots or Lumps on the Body- Potential Sign for Skin Cancerdog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-9-custom

Are you feeling any sort of hard spots or lumpy appearance at any part of your dog’s skin that you’ve never noticed before? Well give a more attentive look to that, as it may be a symptoms for a skin cancer. In the similar manner, if your dog has developed a mass on the skin, and it has been there for a while without fading out. Then a professional medical assistance is highly recommended. You can never be sure of what is the actual skin issue with your dog, so if you’ve noticed anything unusual then rush to any trained vet to get a full fledge checkup.

Eye/ Nasal Discharge- Potential Signs for Eye or Facial Cancerdog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-7-custom

Both nasal and eye discharge are another potential symptoms for development of cancer. Nasal or eye discharge is certainly not a normal event for dogs. So, occurrence of this sign needs immediate medical attention. Discharge from your dog’s eye/ eyes refers to the presence of tumor in the eyes. While the nasal discharge accounts for facial cancer.

These symptoms can occur at any age, but older dogs are more prone for the development of such cancers. In any case, proper medical assistance is highly recommended to avoid fatal consequences.

Consistent Diarrheadog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-6-custom

Diarrhea is a normal disease if remain for a while and then cured. But if your dog is suffering from diarrhea continuously and instead of recovering from it the condition is getting worse, then it calls for immediate veterinarian help. Other worse symptoms of cancer in this case include moving bowls, presence of blood in the urine/ stool, and trouble in urinating.

A full checkup from veterinarian will clear things out. A full medical checkup including ruling out of all the possible medical issues is as important as a final diagnosis.

Abrupt Decrease in the Weightdog-cancer-11-signs-you-need-to-know-3-custom

Decrease in the weight has been pointed out as the number one cause of potential cancer development. Abrupt decline in the weight is a warning sign for the development of gastrointestinal cancer. In worst case scenario, development of this cancer may cause your dog to entirely skip all the meals.

Or in other cases, your dog may be eating normally but still suffering from weight loss problem. This is also an alarming condition. In all such cases, you are advised to take your dog to some professional as soon as possible.


Isolated coughing is not a big medical problem, but if your dog is continuously coughing for over a week, then it is certainly a major concern. Harsh and persistent coughing is a sign of potential lung cancer development. In addition to that, many small breeds of dogs develop this chronic coughing problem because of the issues in windpipes.

Whatever the actual problem comes after the final diagnosis, still elimination of all the possible medical concerns is extremely significant.

Laziness and Fatigue


Being aloof, lazy and sluggish along with constant tiredness are some major signs of concern. If the dog is collapsing multiple times along with the above stated signs, then these are certainly the symptoms of cancer development. In such cases visit to a well trained and trust- worthy vet is really important. And if you only notice collapsing a single day, and the next morning dog appears super fine, still a visit to the vet is highly recommended.

Verbal Cries or Whining


It is extremely necessary to thoroughly check any minor or major changes in your dog’s behavior. The most common and obvious symptom of pain or any sort of discomfort can be reflected through audible crying or whining. Do pay attention on your dog’s behavior. For example when you try to pick your dog up, does he cry? Is the dog being irritable generally? Is dog making any audible noises whenever you touch any specific part of its body?

If you get “yes” as an answer to any of these questions, then do consider proper medical attention.

To avoid any fatal situations, it is extremely necessary to maintain a proper hygiene and to keep attention on any trifle change in the behavior or physical appearance of the dog. We hope that above stated points will surely keep your furry pet in great health.



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