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7 Magical Pressure Points On Your Body You Never Knew Where There

Acupressure is an incredible Chinese medical art of treatment. According to its principles our body has numerous points, which if pressed specifically, can heal different sorts of psychological and physical health issues. Putting pressure on these points, helps to regulate and streamline the flow of our body’s own internal energy. These points are called as Acupressure points.

You’ll be amazed to learn about the incredible effects of the following acupressure points of your body. We are sure that you’ll apply any one of these on yourself.

1. Jian Jing (Shoulder Well/ GB 21/ Gallbladder 21)

This acupressure pointed below the shoulder. To be very specific it is between the acromion and the midline. Massage this point thoroughly and press with the help of thumb and middle finger. It will relax muscle tendons and is extremely helpful for the breasts.

2. Feng Chi (Wind Pool/ GB 20/ Gallbladder 20)

This pressure point is present at the joining place of neck’s upper portion and baseline of the skull. Putting pressure on this point helps you in so many ways such as, it fantastically resolves the issue of headache, softens the firmness of the neck, removes nasal obstruction, clear the blurry and red eyes, resolve common cold, heal runny nose and many more.

3. He Gu (Joining Valley/ LI 4/ Large Intestine 4)

This is the most commonly known pressure point. He Gu is located between thumb and the index finger. To properly locate this point, join all your fingers and thumb, now the highest point made between index finger and thumb is LI 4. This point is the most popular of all. It can cure so many ailments. Some of which include cure of headaches, toothache, facial puffiness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, finger spasm, irritability in behavior, pain and swelling of eyes, sinus infections, and a lot more.

4. Tai Chong (Great Surge/ LV 3/ Liver 3)

This pressure point is located midway between the junction of big toe (first metatarsal bone) and second toe (second metatarsal bone). Pressure application at this point will help in a number of ailments. For example stress, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, menstrual cramps, limb pain, lower back ache, and anxiety.

5. Zu San Li (Point of Longevity/ ST 36/ Stomach 36)

“Point of hundred Diseases” is another name given by Chinese acupuncturists to Zu San Li. This miraculous pressure point is located four jointed fingers beneath the kneecap. Application of pressure at this point helps to relieve stress, vomiting, gastrointestinal distress, fatigue and nausea.

6. Put Pressure on Stomach

Apply pressure on the upper end of the stomach. First lay down straight and put pressure with the tip of your finger on the stomach, touching the edge of side of the ribs. Thus freeing the contact between chest and the diaphragm. With this process of pressure application, you’ll feel more relaxed and have an improved breathing process.

7. Shen Men (Spirit Gate/ HT 7/ Heart 7)

Shen Men is ear point. It is located on the upper third central portion of the ear. This point has been proved to be the most effective one. Putting pressure on this point will ge
t rid of insomnia, constipation, smoking, and dementia. It also help to reduce stress and anxiety.

These were some of the most beneficial acupressure points. We are sure that you’ll get amazing results by putting pressure on these locations.

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