8 Bedroom Plants Scientifically Proven To Give You Better Sleep

Love to have a full 8 hour sleep? Well, who doesn’t! An uninterrupted peaceful sleep is extremely important for a healthy and energetic start of next day. But most of us are unable to get a sound sleep. This is a common issue, as anxiety and stress captivate our mind and create sleep issues. To counteract these problems, keeping plants in your bedroom will really help to make a soothing and relaxing environment. Plants purify the air of your home and increase oxygen availability. If you choose wisely then a beautiful and attractive looking plant can also helps you to create a relaxing and soothing environment in your bedroom.

Here we have listed 8 amazing plants, that have been recommended by NASA  to purify the natural air and thus improve quality of your sleep. You’ll surely be amazed by few names, as these are mostly popular for their beautiful fragrance and beauty.

1. Lavender

Lavender is a powerhouse for natural remedies as it is used in so many different places. One of the most basic use of Lavender is the use of its fragrance in scented clothes, shampoos, paper soaps and air fresheners. Lavender is famous for its sleep- inducing natural aroma. It has the power of miraculously lowering down your blood pressure, decrease the heart rate, and more specifically this aroma helps your brain muscles to relax. By decreasing the stress and anxiety level, it relaxes your mind. Lavender facilitates to decrease the rapid eye movement, and reduce the longer time to fell asleep.

2. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is another amazing plant loaded with so many beneficial qualities. It has an exceptional quality of air- purification. Thus helps creating a more soothing and tranquil environment in your bedroom. As the leaves of the golden pathos hangs down in the form of cascading vines, It can beautifully enhance the aesthetic side of your bedroom. It is a perfect choice for those who have a busy schedule, as it needs very little nurturing and less amount of sunlight.

3. English Ivy

This is the most efficient of all in the quality of air purification, as described in the list given by NASA. English Ivy has an amazing ability of absorbing formaldehyde. It is extremely easy to grow and can nurture in the presence of medium levels of sunlight, and moderate environmental conditions. So it is one of the must have plants in the home for a better sleep.

4. Gardenia

Gardenia is also called as Cape Jasmine. It has amazing sedative qualities. It has as much sleep- inducing quality as prescribed in any sleeping tablet. It has been proved by a German study that Gardenia flower’s fragrance has same sedation qualities as offered by valium. It has the exact same effect on GABA (a neurotransmitter) as posed by valium. So it can magically let you sleep as quickly as possible.

5. Jasmine

The beautiful flower with delicate white petals. It has a superb ability of creating a soothing natural environment. It relaxes the muscles, decreases anxiety and ensures fresh mood next morning. In addition to that, Jasmine flowers increase the beauty of your bedroom. It smells just perfect. It is one of the most easy to keep houseplants.

6. Snake Plant

Also named as Mother-in law’s tongue, this plant has made its way in the NASA’s list of the most soothing plants. It fantastically improves the oxygen availability in your air and is also among the very best for the purification of air. It is extremely affordable. It needs very low maintenance, and is perfect to place in the bedroom for a better sleep.

7. Dracaena Marginata

Also known as Red- edged dracaena is popular for its popping red color on the edges. It can grow ceiling high. It is aesthetically pleasing and loaded with amazing qualities of air purification. Dracaena is the best plant for the removal of formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene. These chemicals are added in the house air through gasoline and varnishes. Removal of these chemicals improves natural air and make soothing environment. This one is incredibly powerful to help you get a better sleep.

8. Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera plant is a powerhouse of magical qualities. It can do great in so many different ways. Aloe helps in soothing scars, red inflammations, and slightly burned skin. It has super natural detoxification qualities. Other than that there is so much more that Aloe plant has to offer. Aloe destroy the polluting chemicals from the air and work as a cleaning agent. It also work as a pollution indicator. In the presence of high amount of polluting chemicals in your home, aloe develops small brown spots on its leaves. So in that way you remain well informed of polluting environment of your home and can do remedies.

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