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Nine Weird Foods That You Should Never Feed Your Dog That Could Be Lethal!

If you’re anything like us you love your dog almost as much a human J  But there is a big difference between dogs and humans in one important aspect, the food you can safely feed them!

We put together a list of the Top 9 Foods That You Should NEVER FEED Your Dog. These foods could even be deadly to your dog!  Take your time to go through the list, there are certainly a few that will surprise you!



It’s probably no surprise but alcohol is bad for your dog.  Alcohol Contains a chemical compound called methylxanthines which can cause severe stomach problems and can even induce seizures.  You should never feed your dog alcohol and no amount is safe.  If you dog does consume alcohol you should take it to the Vet immediately.




Chocolate is a pretty well known food that isn’t good for your dog.  The reason is that it contains the same chemical as alcohol, methylxanthines.  It can cause all the same problems as alcohol, but in a lesser dose.  Darker chocolate contains more of the chemical than milk or white chocolate.  To be safe you should keep all chocolate away from your dog.



Coconuts contain a very high level of potassium in the water and essential oils in the meat.  These things aren’t really great for your dog.  In relatively small quantities they are not harmful or lethal, but they could cause vomiting and diarrhea.  But in large quantities it could be very harmful.  It’s best just to keep any coconut away from your dog to be on the safe side.




It’s a little of a mystery as to why grapes are so bad for dogs, but they are actually toxic enough they could kill without showing any sort of symptoms over a few day period.  Scientist have found that grapes attack the dog’s kidneys and cause kidney failure that can lead to death.  It is important to seek professional care if you suspect your dog as eating grapes.



Just like chocolate and alcohol, coffee contains methylxanthines which is extremely dangerous to dogs.   In addition the high levels of caffeine in coffee can give dogs sleeping problems.  Of course any food with high levels of caffeine should be avoided for the same reason, such as sodas and energy drinks.


Apple cores


Apple cores seem pretty harmless and we often times just leave them lying around or on the top of the trash after eating an apple. But seeds have a high level of cyanide which can cause breathing problems and seizures in dogs.

Macadamia Nuts


Similar to grapes, there in conclusive scientific evidence as to why macadamia nuts are so lethal for dogs.  But it has been shown over and over that macadamia nuts can cause severe health problems and should be avoided.

Raw Meat


You might think it’s a good idea to give your dog raw meat since they are bread from wolves!  But a long history of domestication can changed dogs and eating raw meat is not good for them.  Modern dogs lack the digestive ability to breakdown raw meat and can cause severe stomach aliments.



Just like a lot of humans in the world that are lactose intolerant, that same is true for dogs.  There are some dogs that like cheese, yogurt and other dairy products, especially when they are puppies, but it is a good idea to keep they foods low to completely eliminate them.

Only a few of the foods we shared with you are lethal for dogs they should all be used with extreme cautions to protect your dog’s health

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