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Top 20 Awesome Facts of Bananas You’ve Never Heard of Before

Bananas are one of the most fabulous gifts of nature. It is loved by so many people all around the world. Desserts, shakes and bakery items get an amazing flavor and healthy ingredient in the form of banana. But most of us take this food for granted and are unaware of some of the most amazing and unbelievable facts of banana.

If Banana is your favorite fruit, like most of the Americans, then you hold back and get ready to know about some of the most amazing and surprising facts about bananas. You are going to love them all.

1. 74% of Banana is composed of water.

The best advantage of high water content containing banana is that it has extremely low content of calories.

2. Bananas grows in the form of large clusters.

The fruit of banana tree protrude out of the main stem. And these large clusters weigh more than 100 pounds.

3. If women tend to eat a large amount of bananas in their diet, during their pregnancy period. Then there are more chances of having a baby boy.

So, better eat bananas after conceiving, if you want a boy :).

4. Bananas are the best natural remedy to stay away from cardiac problems.

According to a study this amazing fruit decrease the chances of heart stokes and heart attacks. In addition to that, if you used to eat bananas more often, then you’re actually lowering your chances of cancer occurrence.

5. There’s Actually An Entire Museum Dedicated to Bananas!

Ever heard of California’s famous Banana Club Museum. It is popular for making 17000 types of banana items.

6. 480 Bananas Will Kill You!

Bananas are rich source of Potassium. Yes that’s not knew!! But do you know when will it cause potassium over dosage? For that  to happen you would have to eat a total of 480 or more bananas to die of an over dosage of potassium.

7. Bananas are rich source of Vitamin B6, Manganese, Potassium and Vitamin C.

8. Bananas are produced all around the world in more than 100 countries.

9. Eating bananas can make you happy!

Bananas naturally contain certain chemicals that can induce happiness in a person. Same as present in the Prozac.

10. The trees of bananas are actually herbs!

And these herbs are reported as the tallest of all (more than 20 ft tall at times).

11. A bunch of bananas is also called “Hand”.

In a similar way one banana is called the finger of that hand. Pretty cool Huh!!

12. DNA of bananas and humans have approximately 70% similarity.

In that way we are cousins ;).

13. Bananas can be of your great help for the prevention and cure of hangover.

14. Slipping on bananas was an actual health hazard in the early 1900s.

What a way to go!

15. Banana’s’ actual color without any genetic alteration is green and red.

Yellow color of banana with which we recognize it, is basically the color of mutant strain. This strain was discovered back in 1836.

16. Bananas are not fully ripen, when they are picked.

Hard, green and unripe bananas are plucked from the trees. Then these green fruits are kept in ethylene, which makes them to ripe properly.

17. Bananas are full of energy, enough to burn with 90 minutes of intense workout.

Take a bunch of bananas when feel hungry. It’ll surely give you a great amount of energy to work all day long.

18. Bananas are radioactive in nature! Surprised huh!

If you eat 50 or more bananas in one day, then it’ll be provide you as much radiation as given in a single dental X-ray.

19. Ever wonder which item is the most popular at Wal-Mart! Guess what? The best selling item of Wal-Mart is Bananas!

20. Banana helps to cure the harmful effects of anxiety and stress.

Banana is a natural remedy to relax the brain and make it free of stress.

We are sure that you must be surprised by reading many of these unbelievable facts about bananas. Have Fun and Eat loads of your favorite fruit. Stay healthy. Enjoy.

Most of use take the bananas we eat everyday for granted as just an ordinary food that is convenient and tasty.  But did you know that the humble little banana you eat packs some powerful secrets most people have no clue about! Sit back and discover just how amazing your everyday banana really is. Click the “Next” button to begin.

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